After a long while

There has not been any posts here for quite a long time.

I have been busy, confused, exhausted and completely famished with work and home. There has been quite a lot of changes happening in our lives. Sometimes even too much for us to handle. We have been shocked, surprised, curious and even ran away from situations for past one month. It has been overwhelming, will be an understatement. Guess this is the test of time, the test of our relationship and of our courage to face things. We know its all for a happy ending but the process is not always smooth. The tide has been rough for us and for most of the times, we have sat blinking without a clue on what to do next.

There might be a move, I might get a chance to go abroad, our first anniversary might get ruined with both of us being in the different ends of the world, our furniture shipping is blocked, we finally ran out of gas and don’t know whether to book a new one or not – has been a few of our many worries.

Yes, its a wee bit clearer now and hence I got the mind to sit and write this post. The medley in our minds is fading away slowly and I know sooner we will be settled back to normalcy. More than all the decision making, I feel it is the weekend get away that did the trick. It was a sudden decision and without much planning, without even a route map, we packed our back-pack and rode away to the south. Till we reached the tip of India – Kanyakumari.

This place is no more the dirty, very tourist un-friendly place that I visited when I was in school. Its cleaner with better hotels and shining beaches. My best moment would be sitting on the footpath railing, legs dangling to the other side of the road and lo behold, the vast emptiness of the ocean in front of us. The few minutes we spent there after the sunset will be remembered forever. Another memory that will remain etched in my mind is the view from our room. We were lucky to experience the beauty of the sun rising over the sea from our bed. It was best captured by my hubby dearest.


This was also a part of our first anniversary celebrations though its more than a month away. Fate is such that we won’t be together at that time and so we decided to have a blast before I fly. I am not going to talk much about our first year because its hard for me to find the right words for my feelings. He knows. :)

I am glad I could write a post, even though quite late, also not knowing when there will be another one. Till then, chao to all my readers!

PS: The not being in FB part of my 365 Days Project is off because of unavoidable reasons.


2 thoughts on “After a long while

  1. Nice to have you back. I seriously miss you, you know that?

    Everything shall fall in place eventually. Everything. Hold on to faith and your love :)

    Happy Anniversary in advance. Wishing you both many more years of togetherness and love. God bless you.

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