A Poem for Me

I always wanted someone to write a poem on me – about me. Who else to ask it other than your friends? They know all your hidden traits which you dare not bring in front of the others. They know when you will do what and how you will react in a situation. They have seen you grow through work and relationships. They have seen the transformation of you from a girl to a woman.

So I asked her on my last day at work – Will you write a poem for me? She gracefully agreed and here is how it goes –


There is so much that should be said,

Bout a friend like you and the path we tread,

When we met, a thought did strike,

We were kindred spirits though not alike.

You were charming, kind and so much fun,

Your opinions a gift, your wit next to none!

All through those days we were hell of a team,

Even if we squabbled a lot and sometimes screamed,

And in those moments I liked you best,

Cause at my worst, you stuck around for the rest,

I trust you the most to set me straight,

When I go round the bend or lose my way.

You’re a bright shiny light, when dark days descend,

No one could feel alone as long as you called them a friend.

So as the three of stood- little devils that refused to grow,

You decided to get hitched, our jaws dropped to the floor!

But then I saw a different side of you,

You were strong and sure, always knew what to do.

You understood life, hardships, men and compromise,

You went along with our madness, with your man by your side,

Your composure and sophistication just left me in awe,

You had become more artful and adult than I ever foresaw.

I’m so proud of who you’ve become and everything you’ve remained,

With you by my side, I someday hope to be the same,

So to my friend whom I love and very much adore,

You’re  perfect and loud, I could not ask for more,

As you leave today, remember me once in awhile,

So that we can be crazy together until we’re old and senile.   

Love ,


This poem really touched my heart and I could see myself in it. Thanks Trish for obliging to my result and creating something so beautiful out of it! Love you! x0x0!


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