Shedding some weight

Have you noticed? To do some bad thing or get a bad habit, its so easy, so work-less. At the same time to do something good, to yourself or others, is a very humungous task for us. It was so easy for me to hog on, keep my taste buds happy and become a self-proclaimed foodie. Never in my dreams I thought that shedding a few kilos would become such a nightmare for me.
One of the few things I included in both my 25 before 25 and 365 Days project was to lose some weight. It has been on top of my priority lists since many months now. I realized some time that many of my problems will be solved by losing weight. May it be health issues or issues like laziness, my greatest enemy of life! I tried so many things but couldn’t stick to even one. My laziness always defeated me, always found a reason not to workout today.

Off late though, my weight issues have become a bigger concern for me. I think about it day and night. No, I am not the obese kinds but yes, I do eat more than required. The flab around my waist and belly have started to settle for the worse. I feel like sitting all the time, lethargic and sick. I have become moody and am always conscious of my body. I cannot wear the clothes I like and even when I like some top in the shop, I save it for “later” when I become “slim”. I get sick also too often. I feel pathetic about myself.

I am realizing so many of my issues and worries can vanish with a slim healthy body. I am realizing if I win over my laziness just for a couple of weeks, those workout sessions would become a habit. I am realizing its getting really late for me to start and if I wait any longer, this might go out of my control. I may never be able to fit into my old clothes and may have to give them away to charity. I might never earn the freedom to eat without thinking twice or wear any kind of cloth I wish.

This time I am not making any promise. I am not going to say its now or never. I am not going to say that from tomorrow I will do this or that. I am just going to leave now, with this realization. Let us see what I make of it.

PS: I wrote this at a point when I was hating myself. Its just a rant.


6 thoughts on “Shedding some weight

  1. Now don’t you worry, we all go through that phase.

    You know a year back I developed a hormone problem(PCOD) and before I knew it I was 20 kgs heavier. 20 kgs, yes. But since I was a really skinny person before, it made me look healthy and fuller. Never fat. But there are days when I wish that I was my previous self. I went through a self loathing phase myself. Nobody called me fat, but I missed my previous size zero body. Honestly, I still do.

    I’m at a decent size two today and look anything but fat, but still I don’t know why I wish to go back. Once my treatment ends, I’m out there with yoga and running.

    My husband loves me like this more, but I love myself the way I was before. And being me, I chose the latter. I need to feel good, to look good.

    Honestly, its just a choice you need to make.

  2. Beauty is not determined by the size of your waist, but by the depth of your feelings.
    A beautiful heart is loved much much more than a beautiful figure. And BTW you really shouldn’t be worrying so much. You are just fine!! Believe me.! you really are

  3. Meera :) coming from someone who has had weight issues for a while now, beleive takes time, all the fad diets and exercises,take time to work.Remember you are so loved for what you are, nothing can atke away that fact ! your friends family love you for the way you treasure them, not how you dress for them :) so cheer up girl !! stay healthy be conscious of your food intake and pray taht God keeps you illness and painfree..tats called being healthy

    1. Hey…great to see you here! :) I know..what you said is very true…im only worried abt the flab arnd my waist..that too lil :D it will go i know if i do serious workout for a month or two max :D….im just oo lazy :@

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