Back Home

I was in the working wife monotony of life and one day suddenly I felt like throwing everything away and going back home. I mean HOME home – where I grew up, where my parents live, where I went to college, where I fell in love for the first time, where even wind knows me, where I feel home just as my foot touches the ground.

So here I am at my home, relishing every moment. I always get a feeling that nothing wrong can happen to me here. I saw a mad man talking nonsense and walking towards me in the morning at the bus stand while waiting for dad to pick me up and I was least bothered. I just walked away with full confidence, not a wee bit scared.

When my dad waved at me frantically as he came towards me, I would have ran and hugged if he had just gotten off the car.

When I ringed the door bell and my sister attacked me and jumped hugging me tight, I wouldn’t have let go of her if I had not seen those wild feathery huge earrings she was wearing along with a chain in the neck which had small yellow goggles for the locket! I freaked out, yeah!

I was back home after 8 months, leaving my work and even my husband behind! Everything felt so different and yet, it was all the same. There were some new things and some old. My sister had taken over my room completely and my dad’s shouting were for the same trivial things. It felt good, even to hear him shout!


Its going to be 5 full days of complete bliss and I am eagerly looking forward to it.

I am back home, back in my shell and back to being my parent’s kid and an elder sister, yeah just that much. :)

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