The Morning Song

It has been an old habit to get the ears plugged every day morning when I leave home for office. I have already written about how music affects our life here. As soon as I plug in and put my playlist to shuffle, my ears burst with the music that decides my mood for the day. It could be calm and serene or party wild kinds. Each day a different songs sets my mood. Sometimes the song I hear won’t be the song I wanna listen at that moment and it makes me feel grumpy.

Morning sun rays through my window
Morning sun rays through my window

Today morning was different. Today I listened to two most beautiful songs of recent times on repeat and I am almost zen now. Yeah! I listened to this first and I was like oh, wow! I got energy from somewhere and ran almost all the way to my stop (yeah, I was late, as usual) I saw the usual same old people passing by and it made me wonder – we meet everyday still we never smile at each other, say a hi or wave. Its strange. Then my cab came and the journey started. I was listening to this now and looking outside. Somehow I could see a lot more than the usual – lot more beauty.

There were school children everywhere in different uniforms; girls plaited their hair neatly on both sides, made me wanna do the same! Obviously because of the non-stop rain yesterday a hell out of people were coughing their way to work. There was the same traffic police in a raincoat and black sunglasses waving in all four directions, causing confusion at its best. Then there was the cool breeze, the trees swaying but not a sound of any bird :( Nevertheless, I had a great morning and I feel all rejuvenated for this Monday, for a change!

I decided along the way, the first thing I do would be writing my feelings down and here it is!

I feel beautiful. Amen.

PS: 365 Days Project Update! Nothing much to update on, so not making it into another post. I am going at snail’s pace and I hate myself for it – yeah, thats all! :$


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