I am there to stay.

People come in and move out of your life like the trains in a railway station. Very rarely do they stay like that tattoo on the back of your hands. Long back, before I even realized who my true friends are, I had heard of a quote.

People come into your lives in three ways – for a reason or for a season or sometimes for the lifetime.

I think I have had people in my life from all those three categories. Some people come in at the right time, unexpectedly though, when you are in trouble, help you out and then move on. Some people come just to give you or themselves some fun time and then move on. But rarely people enter into your life and heart to stay.

To stay when you are happy and having the best time of your life.

To stay when you are in troubled waters lending you the life jacket.

To stay when you feel you are at the end of the world, to open up a door and show you there still a long way to go.

To stay to support and encourage you to do what you love.

To stay to give you the courage to speak up and make a difference.

To stay to congratulate you on your success and drink with you on your failures.

To stay just to listen you ramble on.

To stay to hold your hand when you are about to fall and pull you up, helping you stand straight and tall.

To stay to accept your weaknesses and strengths.

To stay to go along with you on some unknown paths.

To stay to love you and be with you no matter how bad or good life gets.


I have had only one such friend in my life and I call myself lucky to get at least that! But this post is not for her, its a dedication to myself – because I am the kind of friend who is there for your lifetime and I know it. I value myself for it. I have my flaws but I am strong in friendships.

I am there even when you are stepping into hell.

Cheers to me!

8 thoughts on “I am there to stay.

  1. Wow Meera this was an awesome post. Rightly addressed. I’m happy for your friends that they have someone like you in their life.
    God bless you! :)

    P.S: Where were you all these days? I missed you.

    1. Thanks Soumya :) Yeah, I just had to write this post – just for myself.

      As for my absence, well nowadays all my posts are like spontaneous, like I wrote this one in under 10 mins :P So I just wait for it to hit me :)

  2. Nice post.. Very well described the importance of one such person who is there in your both good and bad times.. I always have yearned for such ppl to come by my life.. But I lost my dad who was always there for me and I miss him at all times.. You are indeed lucky to have one such friend.. And ppl who have you in their lives are lucky too.. Not everyone is lucky to have nice ppl in their lives.. Lovely post.. Keep writing..

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