Spicy Vegetable Salad – My Style!

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This idea was brimming up in my mine ever since the salad fetish got me. This was purely experiment based but I am also sure this is nothing new. But we both loved it! So here’s how I went about it –

What I used

Two medium sized eggplants, chopped round

Two tomatoes, chopped round

Two carrots, chopped thin and length-wise

An onion, chopped round

2 tsp red chilli powder

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

Salt to taste

Few tsp of water

Few tsp of oil

Corainder leaves for garnish

What I did

1. Heat the tawa and sprinkle oil. In a plate mix all the powders and water to make a paste, not too think , not too watery.

2. Coat all the vegetables one by one with this mixture, place them on the tawa and fry it. Sprinkle more oil if required.

3. Transfer to a tissue paper and then to a plate, garnish with coriander leaves and may be even some oregano and olive oil!

You are done, it’s that simple and looks so beautiful!

Spicy Veg Salad

Note: You can use any vegetable in this salad like cauliflower, cabbage, green peas and whatever you can get your hands on!

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