Things I NOW know about the husband #2

The husband loves farming.

He had told me how much he loved it before marriage but he didn’t pay much attention to his farm for the past many months. Suddenly over the weekend, his love for it came back. Off he went, buying the seeds, sowing them, watering, harvesting and even making money selling the harvest! He has lot of hens which give eggs as soon as you give them some food and now he is building money to make a hen house. How pretty!

Yes, you guessed it right, I have a Farmville freak husband. When he came to me a few days back all excited, I thought he reached his target in sales for this year but what he told me completely took me off – “Farmville 2 is here!!!!” Now you can here the watering and hens clucking everywhere around the house all the time the laptop is on!


6 thoughts on “Things I NOW know about the husband #2

  1. Haha cute :)

    I remember how addicted I was to Farmville when it came for the first time. I used to go crazy infact to harvest my strawberries and squashes. I don’t blame your husband, the game is such :D

    Happy clucking!!

  2. Ha ha ha… that was funny. I tried to play it once, just to know what the whole fuss was about, but never got addicted to it. Thankfully. :P

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