Things I NOW know about the husband #1

Sometimes in the cinema hall, when all lights go off and the movie starts, I look at him. Next to me, concentrating on the movie. Sometimes laughing, sometimes almost on the verge of tears and sometimes damn serious. I feel magic in his shimmering eyes. A magic of wonder, of pain, of happiness and knowing-ness. What makes it all the more magical are the different lights coming off the screen, dancing on his face. He looks like a child taken to the fair for the first time.

I couldn’t have asked for a more movie buff-ed husband and I am glad! I think he is truly happy inside that hall, waiting for the story to unleash and to get entertained by each and every picture in the movie.


4 thoughts on “Things I NOW know about the husband #1

  1. I am liking this new series in your blog. :D

    I f would be interesting and damn fun if once in a while the husband does a same/similar series on you too. :)

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