Going to the movies

I remember the first movie ever watched in a theatre. It was Rangeela in a toota-phoota theatre in Port Blair. After that, as far as I remember, there was a long gap. Next I can remember watching a Malayalam movie with my family. Come college, I watched my first movie without parents and in a PVR – Karthik Calling Karthik. All along, going to the movies was like a celebration. There used to be lot of planning and background checks. I am not the type who goes to any movies that get released, I choose carefully, after going through many reviews or so I thought I was.
Once I started working, I started to take some risks and go the movies which are just released and because my friends are going the that movie. Those were the reasons. Gradually, going to the movies became a regular thing, a place to hangout with the pals.

After marriage during my first month with the husband, we watched 5 movies in a month. That’s was a record for me but obviously not for the husband. The first movie we ever watched together was Kahaani in Chennai. This was before we tied the knot. The first movie we watched after was Talaash. Yeah, I tend to remember these things. Oh yeah, this reminds me, Talaash was the last Hindi movie I watched in a theatre. Ugh. Not all Hindi movies come to this city and whichever comes, are played in the tiniest and dirtiest cinema hall and hence I stopped going altogether. So I have missed all the bollywood movies in 2013. Grrrrr.

I can’t even remember all the names of the movies we watched and how will I? There ought to be more than 35! I am not complaining. I am just wondering about the change in me. Now if I don’t watch at least 1 movie in a week, I start feeling restless, like I have missed something valuable. Lol. I am kind of glad that I have turned into a movie buff (I already was, but of only the hollywood movies), suits the movie-buff husband too.

I have watched a movie first day second show. One day I will make it to the first show. I also have the record of watching two movies back to back in a multiplex. One, with sister and another, with parents joined. Me and the husband have already watched 2 movies this week and I am sure it will +1 or may be even +2 in the next two days. Looking forward to it!

So which movies are you watching this weekend?

PS: All movies I watched after marriage with the husband are Malayalam movies except Talaash.

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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