Rainy Day Diaries Part – 2

When my parents came home this rainy season, we couldn’t go out anywhere because of the obvious reason. Also they had toured the city already and only wanted to relax and unwind. That meant me and the husband need not take any leaves as they chill out at home all day. Father can do his exploring (read disintegrating and then integrating things starting from a pen to the refrigerator!) inside out, mother can watch some movies in the tv and clean my home (yes, that’s rejuvenating for her!!) and the sister can get all her lost sleep in the last semester.

On one such not-so-rainy-just-cloudy day while they were here we decided to go the beach. I had never been to a beach during the rains. As we reached there, we could hear the roaring sounds of the wave as if it was some ferocious lion tied to some tree and reaching out to its prey. The waves would hit the shore (there was not much of a shore, the tide was high) and come as far as possible as if to gobble us down but it would fail every time. The next time it came the roaring would be louder. It was so much fun to watch this. I still love this beach with its calm and piece but this was a completely new experience for me. I didn’t dare to get into the water and watched all this fun with my Nikon on the shore as the father and sister happily went into the sea.

Varkala in Rains

This was not all. After a while, it started to rain heavy and OMG, the sea was worth watching. Like a scary movie.

On the way back, after a lot of struggle, I got this –

Rain Drops



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