How is life? Part 1

This is a common question we ask our friends whenever we meet, even if we had met just yesterday. After marriage, this question changed to -How is “married” life? But that also lost in charms in these 7 months and now we are back with the old question. I wonder what people expect as a reply when they ask this. I mean if my close friends ask this I would definitely love to tell them what all is happening in my life, both ups and downs and go on blabbering till my throat goes dry. But what are the other people expecting? Obviously I would just say, “It’s fine”,”Great” and such sorts.

Anyway, I am not here to discuss this. I am here to actually cross that “private” to “public” line and tell you whats happening. I do not know how long this post is going to be and as a hater of long posts, I might cut this into parts too. Lets see.

Before I begin, have you noticed the general pattern of my posts? They always have one thing in common – Me! Howsoever I try to generalize a topic and write, in the end it all comes down to some experience I had or some opinion I have about something. I have been trying years for this and also to write some poetry which does justice to the word and makes sense, but no – I cannot. And now I accept it. I cannot “write” write. I am not going to try and change it anymore. Let it be. I can only do this much and guess what? I am content with it. Amen.

Re-nesting has been a part and parcel of my life since my birth and from as long back as I can remember from my second grade. When I moved to Bangalore and then Chennai in 2011, it was a whole different experience because I was moving out of my home, I was alone. After I got married, I moved back into my home, my new home and which was to be in this city where I live in now.

I guess this is going to be long and I should cut this into parts and let this part talk about my life in the new city. *grin*

I have never actually “lived” in the god’s own country, even though I belong from here, except for a few days a year, during my vacations. O yes, I have! For an and year and a half and its easily forgettable because that year of school seems to be the most UN-eventful. I had a bad notion about the place and the people, in short. So when I left my job at the MNC and joined a start-up firm in this city just so that I can be with the husband, I never knew I will get a chance to explore a whole different culture, cuisine, set of people and ideas here. I won’t say I am sink with all of them, but some of them at least, which itself is very surprising for the person that I am.

I didn’t have any old friends in this city and neither did the husband, because his job involves a lot of traveling and he has no time to socialize at one place. He does it all over the place and its not the real socializing, its all for the work. More about it, may be in another post.So yeah, I had to build relationships from the scratch. The best and only place I had to start with was at my new office. If I had not met such tolerating and helpful people at office, my life would have been doomed here because I didn’t know anything about this city from where to get good vegetables to a TV. When we moved from that horrendous place where my husband lived before marriage to a nice neat apartment, the whole responsibility of setting up the home came on me.

While the husband was busy traveling and working, I was busy at home and working. So for finding out stuff, I had to talk to a lot of people, visit many stores and do lot of googling, which finally shaped that apartment into an almost-home stage after 6 months of living in it. In midst of all this, I came to know a lot about my home-land, thanks to my new friends and the husband. I learnt a lot of cooking tricks and finally realized that the items of the Kerala sadhya are actually the easiest of Kerala cuisine recipes! I realized this place and the people are not as bad as I imagined and this place is live-able!

I will not say yet that I am in love with this city….
Because I had to wait 6 months to find Palak in a vegetable shop and I can list many such commodities which we get in the usual city supermarkets and which are not to be found in this “city”.
Because when me and the husband go for the night show at 8.30, the streets looks so deserted as if its already mid night and at midnight the place is so quiet that I would say, if ghosts exist, it should be here!
Because people are not as broad-minded as the people usually are now in the cities. Because there is only 1 CCD which is far away from our apartment and there are hardly any veg, middle-class and yet awesome food outlets here.
Because there is not even a single mall or any great place for the young people to hangout. Because the Big Bazaar keeps renovating here every now and then and every time I go there (that’s once in a month), the things are all misplaced and I end up spending more than half the time there just searching. Because …..of many such nitty-gritties.

I will not say that I hate this city either….Because mainly this is where me and the husband started our life together. Because here is where I started loving road-side foods (thattu-kadas). Because here is where I can go for long, uninterrupted rides even at 9 at night. Because here is where I learnt so much about mother tongue. Because here is where people started looking up at me, at work and also just for some advice – feels all grown-up! Because the roads are wider and cleaner.Because I love the routine set-up of life here. I am not much of a spontaneous person but that doesn’t mean I don’t like bouts of spontaneity here and there in life. Because domino’s is just opposite to our apartments. Because …of not very big reasons, I realize now! Mostly because I am with the man of my life here. I guess it would have felt the same even if I was in hell with him! Uff…mushiness!

Anyhow, I will not say life in the city is lively and awesome but its calm and routine-y, perfect for a couple looking to settle down at a place but not for us, because we have no plans of it. We might move out even next year! So, to sum it up, my opinion about this city is neutral. I am not sad or regretting to be here at the same time its not like I am having blast in this city.


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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