Rainy Day Diaries, Part 1

Sometimes I love, sometimes I hate. The Rains.
I have never been quite able to decide whats my real feeling for the rains. On some days, I can spend the whole day sitting on the porch and watching it rain. Sometimes put my hand out to feel this chill of the water droplets and sprinkle it on my face. On other days, I am irritated to stay in 24 x 7, because the roads are flooded and blocked. Also, this makes my urge to get a car sooner moreΒ  urgent.
This weekend was different. Me and the husband decided to get rid of the inhibitions. When it rained, we went out on the roads along with our nephew and niece. We made boats and let it flow on the roads. The roads looked more like a river. We didn’t think of the dirt, the hygiene and the precautions.
Husband’s mother kept calling us indie but we didn’t listen. We played like small kids with the 6 years old and splashed water on each other. People passing by kept gawking at us – some with horror, some with envy and some happy in our happiness.Β  Next, me and the husband took the bike and off we went for a ride – in the rains! We stopped at a bakery and had pakoras. We splashed water all along the way in glee. We were smiling ear to ear!
Photo from Google
After all this, what shocks me is that its Monday and I am at office without even a mild cold! I learnt that we should not be too precarious – let go off your inhibitions once in a while and enjoy while the rain lasts!

PS: I have few more incidents on rain to tell you all, but I want to add some pictures I clicked for it and its not with me now! So one more rainy post coming up soon!

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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