Rain, rain, go away, come again, another day

But will the rain gods listen? NO!

Rain makes my mood gloomy. It makes me lethargic and I find myself on my bed all day long. It seems like along with the rain water the earth is sucking away my energy too. Especially the rains during the weekends. It keeps me inside the house the whole day and I have to skip doing so many of my outdoor chores. It makes the weather cold and I have to start taking precautions so that I don’t catch a cold. It doesn’t allow me to wash my jeans or bedsheets. With great difficulty I am drying off the other clothes. There are clothes all around my house, drying, in fact!

Rains would make me feel good if I can make some pakoras and have with tea in the evenings. Since I have become a fitness freak for a while now, oily foods are out of question and just tea doesn’t inspire me at all to enter the kitchen.

What makes things worse is being alone at home while the husband is enjoying his weekend with his parents. (I couldn’t go because I just recovered from a bad fever and traveling was out of question.) Being alone in the dark rooms, not even feeling like looking outside. All inspiration, drained off.

Just After Rain

The only fruitful thing I did today was to arrange stuff on laptop, which has been in a bad state since past 8 months. Yeah, it was long due and I am glad that finally things are in order. Not bad, eh?

Doing one right thing does give me inspiration to do more. So I am not going to bother about the rain anymore today. I had planned to do some re-arranging of stuff in my home to make more space and to make it more comfortable – so off I go to do it!

Rain gods, pour down as much as you want and I am going to do what I had planned to do anyway! Ha!


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