Great Blogs #3

I am back with another set of blogs must-visit!

1. LOL: Life of Leo:Β A blog maintained by Soumya, very genuine and true to heart. This blog pours out honesty and boldness from all sides. And sometimes, the blog has bouts of awesome creativity!

The next two are again food blogs :D

2. Hungry and Excited! : First of all, this is one awesome name for a food blog! The recipes here are very personal to the writer and cook, as it is evident from how the recipes unfold in front of you. I am waiting for my oven to arrive to try out the bread recipes here. I feel the blog should be updated much more because I have this instinct that the cook has a lot more in store!

3. Edible Garden: This is my latest find and I’m lovin’ it! This lady is a pakka food blogger with hundreds of variety recipes and even tips on food photography! I can’t wait to try out the dishes in here and I have already started!


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