Thought Pops #4

Don’t take it so seriously.

Your life.

Come, see,

build relationships,

make memories,

give some, take some,

do your thing, live – don’t exist, create something new,

leave something behind, and while you leave, don’t forget to smile.

Because when you smile,

you create a rainbow,

you spread the love,

you bring peace,

you embrace the cold and

you consume the bad.

YOU are alive.


2 thoughts on “Thought Pops #4

  1. Thoughful… full of optimism and yes brilliantly executed.

    I am sorry for missing from your blog. I will make up for my absence soon. How is the wordpress experience?

    1. Yeah, you have missed out on a lot! :) But no worries, thanks for dropping in now!
      And thanks for that compliment!

      WordPress, in the beginning was sort-of annoying but now liking it, much more professional than the blogspot.

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