Already hating it

The Rains.

I have not been very eagerly waiting for rains. One,  I’m a summer and sweat person. Two, I know how the rains of Kerala are. Have known since childhood. But those days it was a thing of wonder.

I used to visit Kerala,  my home state only for 7 days in a year during my summer vacations. Though its called that,  by the time we were here, the summer would have almost gone. I remember asking mom while on train, ”Will there be enough mangoes for us? ” and her reply was same every year, ” No dear,  summer is almost over there.”

We were always here to witness the first shower of rains. As everybody else let out a sigh of relief, I would silently grumble. One, again rains are not my favorite,  it meant staying indoors all day. Two, during our seven days, we had seven hundred (not literally) relatives to visit and traveling was not so easy during rains. We had no car and even auto was considered expensive then. Only option was to walk till the bus stop and then the bus, of course.

The rain here is not usual. It rains and it rains and rains and rains. It never stops. Never. For months.

But as a kid, I used to enjoy it too. I used to sit in the verandah and I used to feel I could just sit there and watch the rains all day. I could have done that now too, was I not working!

Now that I live here,  all through the summer,  I dreaded this time of the year. Yeah,  yeah,  the first shower is all wow and phew but when it doesn’t stop,  when roads are not roads but a group of puddles, when you are jot able to watch your weekend movie or go for your weekend shopping,  when you never feel like moving from your bed and lethargy sets in big time and especially when you get down with fever for almost a week and lose all your paid leaves, all you can hope for is a ray of sunshine (both poetically and literally! ), for some warmth,  some energy,  some normalcy in life.

Yes,  my mood is dull,  but more than rains its because of the fever hangover. My house is a mess and my husband has been acting wife for a cou0le of days. Praying I can take over soon…


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