After a rough day…

…does your partner let out his/her frustration on you? What do you do then? React to it? NO! It’s like adding fuel to the fire.



Stop and take a deep breath. Think of yourself in your partner’s shoes and experience all the bad things he/she experienced that day. Respond with calm and if required, do not respond at all! Yes, silence is golden sometimes.

If you react with the same negativity as your partner, your day is going to just get worse. I always say this to my partner. “We both should not get angry at the same time!” Though this is very effective, it is very difficult to practice.

But on bad days – it is completely understandable. Just let your partner cool down and then go talk things to better his/her mood.

Today we both had bad days and we both let out frustration on each other. What then? Simple…one of you have to let go and if it is always you, it’s okay. Trust me!

Another case.

After a rough day…. if your partner is still calm with you, consider yourself lucky and feel proud. :)


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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