Renting a CD

Not one, but two! Yay!

I think I last did this when I was in school or at max in the first year of my college. It was a great feeling to enter a CD shop after such a LONG while. What I loved more about it was that it was not planned, I passed a CD shop, I turned back and just went in.

I have been a movie buff from the time I first entered the rusty cinema hall in some corner of Port Blair to watch Rangeela with my parents and baby sister. It has been a really long journey of watching movies since then. But since I have never lived in my own native state of Kerala up till last December, I have missed out on almost all Malayalam movies. Having watched movies in languages like Korean, Bengali to Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, I felt I am doing great injustice to my native tongue of Malayalam. Hence, since I got married and moved into this city with my husband, we have been on a movie spree almost every week and sometime two in a week! Yes, all new Malayalam movies.

But what about the movies which I missed all these years? The way I am asking this, it feels like I have some exam to write on movies, but yeah, I told you I am a movie buff. Its not just that though. Only in Kerala I have seen people using some movie dialogues to make a joke. I will be laughing my head off on some intially said joke when someone will quip some old movie joke just at the right time and people will be rolling on the floor while I am waiting for them to calm down and tell me where that came from. Imagine my embarrassment! Also, when I tell my friends or cousins that I have not even heard of so and so movie, they give me a look as if I should be imprisoned for life for not watching it.

Finally I decided, enough is enough. I made a list of movies worth watching with help of my husband and some friends. They all come in TV all the time but I have no patience with that idiot box. So I planned to download movies one by one and watch them during my free time (yes, I have plenty of it!). While I was downloading movie no. 1, me and the husband decided to take an evening walk. It was Sunday and we were inside home all day long – we were in no mood to eat out or go for a movie and there was nothing to shop except veggies. So walk it was to the vegetables shop we discovered recently some 2.5kms away from home. While on the way back, loaded with fruits and vegetables for the week, I laid my eyes upon that CD shop – and spontaneity set in.

We were in and out of the shop with two movies on my list. We watched one till almost midnight and I had a sleep filled with content over two things – I could strike off one movie from my list and I did something which I had not done in a long long time. Even though its something very trivial, its a great feeling, try it out!


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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