Progress Update #1

This series is to just update randomly about how my 365 Days Project is going on. I felt this is needed because this project is an everyday project – I have to do something everyday to make some progress.

Day 4

>> 4 days without facebook. Don’t miss it at all, i’m shocked!

>> I’m on instagram – it has good effects, nice way of sharing pics while im learning it. :) Check out my sidebar to see the pics I clicked there!

>> I’m on twitter – Husband says, ” you have joined Fb’s little brother.” :P But no, twitter doesnt need checking for updates every 2 mins – there is a limit to what you can do there! Check out my sidebar to see my tweets! :)

>> I progressed on my cooking – post on that coming up soon!

>> Day 7 of my diet and the last day of the first round – feeling great! Feel like not stopping, surprisingly!

Wow, I have surprised myself and it makes me feel proud, content and what not! But lo behold! Its only day 4 – let’s see where this project takes me!


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