Yes, I am dieting!

I loved cooking since my childhood. When I was alone at home, I used to mix some ingredients and make something – mostly disasters! But I am not sure when eating obsession got added to the cooking passion. The craving was uncontrollable – I would eat more and then if I eat less, i could’t handle it. I was under the impression that something grave would happen to me if i remain hungry for sometime. Hence, “control” was no more a feature of my life. Not only the eating front, but right now lets stick to just that.

The way I am expressing here would make you think that there is an obese woman sitting in front her laptop typing all this but NO! I can’t even be called a fat woman but I used to be a fitness freak which got lost somewhere along the way. Its been quite sometime since I wanted to get back in shape. I tried working out – but that was not enough. Then my mom told me about GM diet. Its a diet plan laid out by the General Motors for the fitness of its employees, which later became a world famous diet regime. I talked around about it. Have you felt that once you hear about a new thing, then you keep hearing about it? That’s exactly what happened with me. After a lot of research I had finally found something worth a try.

Its a seven day diet plan and I am on Day 4 and loving it yeah! I am happy that I am finally doing something worthwhile about losing my weight. I am eagerly waiting to reach Day 7 to go check my weight. Not only this diet useful for losing weight, it also gives your stomach a Β needed rest and you feel lighter on your tummy! I am going to try it again and again till I reach my desired weight and I lose that “craving”.

Yay! A toast to me! :)


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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