Perfect Weekends- 2 and 3!

These are long time pending posts for which I finally found time now, on a lazy tuesday evening, after finishing my work at office.

Weekend #2

I had no idea what I had in store. We were going to visit yet another relative in a small town called Arikolam in north Kerala. Oh, it was a herd of relatives, not just one.

This place is one of the few places I have visited which never seem to change. Same old non- tarred road, same old houses and same old people. The houses are grand Kerala style and I just was awed at how well they had maintained it. It was so overwhelming just to be visiting such houses. That was the first plus point there and actually that could have been enough to make weekend perfect.

one of the houses
one of the houses

But there was a lot more in store. Heart warming people, authentic Kerala food, cute kids and many stories shared. I met a very old granny and unlike all the grannies that I have met of that age, she had a smile on her face always.

It was a very relaxing, refreshing weekend with family and getting to know new people in the family. I would definitely want to visit the place for more stories and to explore the gardens and fields which I missed this time.

Weekend #3

This was last weekend and it was the much awaited wedding of my cousin bro. I had so much fun after a long time with people from back home. All the cousins joined together in building the ultimate chaos of the century. We were everywhere – from the mehendi, for serving the dishes, for eating! :D, in the kitchen, laughing aloud in the hall, playing music, playing pranks!, hugging each other, rolling on the floor, dancing, teasing, chatting non-stop, putting make-up on each other, clicking each other, posing and more posing, looking beautiful, wearing a smile and twinkle in the eye and welcoming the bride to her new home to helping her to wash off her make up and hair dressing! We never felt a bit tired, instead, we never wanted it to end. We wanted the fun to go on.

No doubt, Weddings are my most favorite festivals. :)

After four weddings back-to-back weekends, now there is going to be a lull, for a long long time. And a much needed lull – coz coming back home after being absent for 4 continuous weekends, welcomes me with more chaos. Clutter – which I have to re-arrange now, dust – that I have to swipe clean and a load of clothes to wash, dry clean and iron. Welcome home!


I have finally put my plan into action – my 365 Days Project is ON!! What is that? Check out the new page here.


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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