Gotta love myself now

After marriage, life just got unimaginably busy. It became a routine of cooking, cleaning, washing, sleeping at home, work at office and a lot of movies and grocery shopping with the husband. I hardly find time to call mom (his and mine), forget about keeping up with my friends lives. I have hardly read any news or watched tv. I have not at all taken care of my body and health. I have done some half cooked things which I need to complete asap else they are sure to go to trash. I have contemplated and wasted too much time thinking what I will do in my life without a solution. I have done a lot of planning and hardly executed any of it (well, I have been always like that as a matter of fact.) I haven’t saved much, but then I haven’t spent much either – wherever the money is going! I have traveled a lot – too much actually – visiting my home, his home, his relatives, my relatives, some beaches and more. Only worthwhile thing I think I have done is some cooking from time to time. I even wrote a recipe of my own! I have been running without a pause, with not much time to think, making quick decisions, fighting over silly things (may be a by-product of frustration) and when I have had some free time, I have Just.Killed.It.

It is time to pause and look around, mingle more with people and make new friends at new place.

It is time to stop thinking about future and make the present worthwhile.

It is time to stop planning and put the already laid out plans to actions first.

It is time groom myself – health-wise and beauty-wise.

It is time to become more responsible and not forget things like your internet password and then waste half a Saturday at the bank to get a new one.

It is time to find out that one program in tv and watch it religiously. Any suggestions?

It is time to write a letter to the kid I sponsored and know more about her.

It is time to put a pause to the constant traveling and spend some weekends at home.

It is time to follow that diet plan I have wanted to start for over a month now but never got to do it.

It is time to write more and write sensible and write stuff worth a read.

It is time to allot a time to read everyday, to make use of that yoga mat accumulating dust and workout, to feed my fishes and clean the kitchen.

It is high time I take out that camera manual and experiment more with my Nikon.

It is time to be more sensible, not let out my frustration on others and ignore silly things.

It is high time to get those sandals repaired.

It is high time to get my laptop formatted, to get a new phone and start connecting back with friends and family.

It is time to stop being lazy, get my ass off the bed on first alarm and get going.

It is time to catch up with the Hindi movies that I have missed and download a ton of new songs.

It is time to make use of the space the husband gives me and make something worthwhile out of it.

It is time to love myself. Again.

Phew! I guess this covers at least 90% of stuff I need to do. Not a Bucket List. Like ASAP. I will keep updating about the progress.

Coming up soon is a series of 3 posts about the 3 very different, very homely weekend that I had – one is just coming up this weekend! :)


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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