Living on lists, Planning on dreams

I have made it so that my life revolves around lists. You will find a dozen of them stuck on the fridge.
I love making lists about anything and everything I do and then strike them off one by one. No joy is greater than that. When I strike the items off, it means accomplishment. It means contentment. It means I did something today, even if its as small as feeding the fish or as big as buying a study table.
I love post-its. Thank you whoever created them. Me and hubby also use it for secretly sticking them at places where we are bound to find them with some cute message like “kiss me good night pls?”. It somehow brings so much more happiness sometimes than saying it face to face. If u want to say something to someone and are, may be, shy, sticky notes are the way!
Coming back to lists – I make short term lists like things to do today to long term ones like what we need to achieve in another 6 months. Lists play a great role in my day to day planning as well as planning my whole year sometimes.Ā 
My love for lists started recently. I am a lazy bum basically and the lists made me to get going and do things. It helped me fight my weaknesses and emerge as a shining warrior. This made me make more lists and finish those too. Thank you lists for being there and helping me out day after day.Ā 

Its like a challenge I give myself everyday with no price other than the feeling of pride when I finish it.

Planning on other hand is a very important thing. Lists are just for the living but Planning is what makes your dream come true. Making lists are the last step in planning. Before that you need to first realize what all is to be done, prioritize them and then find a way of doing them. Ask yourself three questions:
And your list is ready. Once the list is ready, trust me, nobody can stop you from doing things, not even yourself. As soon as its ready, you will have the urge to strike off the items and the urge will be so great that you will overcome anything to do the task.

I am going right now to strike off the tasks from my list-to-do-today. (Read as DO the tasks on my list.)

This post may seem haphazard and may be the paragraphs are mixed up. Never mind, I am sure you get the idea. So whats on your list?


3 thoughts on “Living on lists, Planning on dreams

  1. I have always loved PostIts… and yeah I am also a fan of lists… however mine never come in the to-do category … they remain as just lists.. :( and maybe arraylists.linked lists.. blah blah blah :$ :$

    1. Hey Ro, thanks a lot for ur comment :D next time i buy post-its, i want to buy colorful not just the plain yellow. But nowadays Im more into Google Keep. Have u tried? Its awesome its like post its on your phone :)

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