Whats Cooking #1

I am an amateur yet highly passionate cooking freak. Here is a new series for you to peep into my kitchen and find out what has been cooking lately. :)

Starting off with my favorite – Bhindi Masala, a simple, quick and for me, the perfect side dish for chapathis.

Bhindi Masala

Panneer Mutter – Restaurant style – turned out to be so yummy that my hubby who is not so fond of panneer was also found licking fingers! That is what I call success. :)

My Favorite breakfast – All grain bread and omlette!! :D

Veg Pulav – Was good, may be a bit too flavored. Kadi – Unexpectedly, turned out well.

Ragi roti and Baigan ka bharta – LOVED cooking this one!

Recipes from : Saffron Trail and Sharmis Passions – great food blogs!!


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