The Earring and The Bangle

There are a lot of times when I recall the first meeting with my hubby. They say some memories are carved in your mind but they also say that memories fade away. So I thought to put down my memories from our first meeting….
We met exactly one month after our first chat on Facebook and exactly one year and 3 months ago. His dad asked my dad for the permission, it was granted, train was booked and then there was the anxious waiting for the day to arrive. Yeah, it went through all the “official” proceedings and we were so tension-free that way. 
Finally the day had arrived and I had not even planned on what to wear. I thought of keeping it really simple – I wore a kurti I had bought the other day from Sakyaa (a small boutique in the outskirts of Chennai), along with matching leggins and dupatta.I do not remember which sandal or earring I wore but I do remember having a bad hair day and debating a lot with my room mate on which watch to wear.
I was supposed to meet him first at Tambaram railway station and we were supposed to go from there. So there I was at the station, as usual before time, hands all sweaty (this happens to me when im excited/tensed) but not feeling as tensed as I thought I would. He called and told me he was at the station too and I told him where exactly I was waiting and then I was screening the crowd for the first glimpse. Ah there he was! In a green check shirt and jeans searching for me. :)

Then it happened. Our eyes met and I felt at home, that very moment.

We shook our hands like a lady and gentleman and exchanged pleasantries. I could see he was much more tensed than me and I was finding it too easy to talk and get comfortable with him. We hopped into the next train to Guindy. We went to the park there, sat somewhere and talked and talked. Then we took a long walk and talked and talked. But I don’t remember a thing we talked, all I remember was that we were both smiling ear to ear all the while. I remember feeling his hand in mine – rough and tough. I remember him pinching me (he does that and says its out of love!) and I remember laughing my loud laugh thumping my hand on his thighs. 
Time was running fast. We were already having a decent lunch (curd rice :P) at Hot Chips Restaurants near IIT Madras. I was staring at him full time – first with wonder and then mischievously just to see his cheeks turn red. Then there was the bus ride to Besant Nagar Beach. The bus was quite empty that afternoon and the conductor was eyeing us suspiciously but we were totally unaware of our surroundings – lost in each other. 

As we walked towards the beach I could see his face glow and I am sure mine was too. On the way I found these road side jewellery vendors and stopped to have a look. On second thoughts, I asked him to choose an earring and bangle for me. He chose the perfect pink pair of earrings, very trendy and just the kind I needed then. We reached the beach (the only clean one in the city), clicked some pictures and talked and talked. Time flew by and it was time for him to leave. With teary eyes we went our separate ways but our heart was filled with the growing love and the excitement for meeting again.
This meet was supposed to happen to see if we liked each other in person so that our parents can proceed. We found each other to be perfect and it was understood that we are going to get married one day, have kids and lead a happy life.

The life I am living now – who knew we would end up like this(see below), sitting next to each other and watching TV after long hours of veggie shopping.

I am one of the less sensitive human beings who doesn’t care about preserving the first gifts for the life time and such. The earrings he bought? I lose one in a theater last month and I was sad, more coz I loved those earrings and it matched many of my dresses and less coz it was a gift from him. Though I am planning to preserve its pair coz it doesn’t have any other use now. :/ And the bangle? I broke it accidently last week and I didn’t even remember it was a gift from him until I thought about it for the third time and he gave me a :/ look when I told him this. :D

Anyway here is something I made out of the left out earring. Hope you guys like it!

Good night!


8 thoughts on “The Earring and The Bangle

  1. This was really a beautiful post, Meera. Reminded me of the day I met my betterhalf! I loved the quote:)
    Be happy and weave more lovely moments :)

  2. haii… am a regular visitor to ur blog but always i leave without leaving a comment i donno y… today i thought of leaving a comment itz 3rd time am visiting here i failed all those time.. okk nw lemme tell you i love your blog and each posts :)
    there is some kind of intimacy towards each posts of yours :) i just luvd the simplicity :)
    keep writing tc :)

  3. Awww this is such a cute post!!

    Reminds me of how I met my husband for the first time :)

    I loved what you have made out of the earring. May the love continue :)


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