Summer, Rains and the Sweat

When it drizzles this time of the year, one thing is guaranteed – the temperature is going to go up. Yesterday evening was better than the weekends. I never thought Monday evenings could be so great and I wished I could leave office early like that everyday. So hubby picked me from office and we had a good ride with the soft drizzle making us wet here and there. Our bodies let off the heat and there was some peace. Phew! On the way, we stopped for chaats – never thought this city could sell awesome chaats like this – another discovery. Rain and chaats – super combination, gobbled my pani puri one after another keeping up with the vendor while hubby was struggling to finish his first one when the third one was already on his plate. Lol – wasn’t it fun to watch him!
That was not all. As we drove further, we were greeted with a 5-6 km traffic block – yes! But that was fun too as we drove past all the big Mercedes, BMW and whatever. Really felt like showing them my middle finger :P, whats the use of owning a big car, when you can’t reach the place fast? :D I know, car is inevitable – makes me dread the times when we will own a car! By now the rain had stopped and people were splashing dirt from the puddles at each other while driving. Weird as it may sound, I didn’t swear even once during that long ride.
Reaching home – I got one full hour extra and till that hour got over I didn’t realize how much useful it was! I had a perfect evening at home with hubby.
The sweat?
I love summer and the sweat – yeah! :D While the hubby yucks himself for even a bead of sweat on his body andΒ  is spending half the time bathing, I enjoy the humidity that the rain brings with it. Ok, some readers might find it yucky if I talk anymore about my love for sweat -so I’ll stop here.


I love the days sunny, sweaty, morning orange-ness and evenings filled with yellow-ness. The best part is the occasional drizzle and thunder. You can almost see smoke rising from the hot earth as the rain falls on it.
I want to go to a beach now, sit under the sun all day long forgetting all about getting tanned or sun burnt listening to Frank Sinatra, sipping tender coconut and the waves splashing near-by. Ah, bliss!
I also wish to be in the middle of sunflower field clicking away pictures of the worls’s most beautiful flower.
I am looking forwards to the mango shakes, kinderpunsch, watermelons and lots of lime juice!

PS: I know this is not the perfect post on Summer – it deserves much more. But being in office somehow restricts my thoughts and creativity yet I was stubborn to write something – so here it is. :D Also, I wrote this post a week back and its taking a lot of courage to post this. :P


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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