Do what you want

How many of us are doing what they want right now? I am sure not many…there are those who got and didn’t take, there are those who tried and lost and those who didn’t bother to ever try. Which category do you belong to?

Until past one month, I belonged to the third category – the most pathetic one. 

When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen

Read this quote before? I am sure you did. Did you do anything about it? I did.

I was getting pressurized from all sides to prepare for govt. jobs. Even my husband was adamant that at least one of us should be in a secure job. But why me? I have always dreaded sitting in an office with some files and spending the next 40 years of my lives with them- doing the same thing everyday.
With everyone bugging me, I was confused what to do. Finally I took a stand – NOT to prepare for the govt exams. Reason? That is not what I wanted to do with my life. May be I won’t get the leaves and other privileges of a govt job, may be it will become difficult when I have kids, may be I will be fired from my current job if there is a recession – so what? There are a hundred ways today to earn money – and not many people are behind qualification – what they need is the skill. Where you have the skill, you work, you earn. No, I don’t want any more arguments or discussions over it. I am not ONLY living life for others, I am living it for myself too.

I bought a DSLR camera which I never thought I will at this point in my life. Nevertheless I did and I am learning.

I started cooking various dishes I wanted to cook and I am loving it.

I am traveling quite a bit.

These might be very small things compared to the big things I want to do in life. But this is the start. I am sure I will go a long way.

I am sure one day – I will be baking away, clicking food and people, teaching under- privileged kids, donating blood, writing articles, playing with my dog, keeping my home beautiful, shopping away to glory while raising up my children and making my husband smile in contentment. One day.

I wrote this post for a dearest friend of mine, who has two doors opened in front of her – both leading to beautiful BUT very different lives. I know she wants to take one door but she is hesitating – I just told her when there are two right things to be done, follow the one you WANT and if you encounter the other door on the way, accept it with grace. Love yourself. Live yourself.

Another favorite quote of mine – this one’s for you dear,

I just woke up one day and decided I didn't want to feel like that anymore, or ever again. So I changed.



3 thoughts on “Do what you want

  1. Meera, you are right. Very rarely do people have the courage to pursue their dreams, maybe because it seems unrealistic in the eyes of others. As long as we have a positive outlook towards our lives, I feel everything will fall into its place and it will all be well :)
    Good luck with whatever dreams you want to conquer!

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