The Perfect Weekend – 1

Actually this should be “2”, but when I had the “1”, I never thought I would have a weekend as good as that. But now that I am having more than 1 perfect weekends, I am sure I will have more – so thought of making it a series. I LOVE series – leaves the reader with a thought and an anxiety to know more. This series won’t be like the Vampire Diaries though, this will be more like Castle. So lo behold!
I am realizing more and more everyday and also getting more and more enthusiastic making to-do list and striking them off. You can actually keep in account of what you did, what you need to do – Post-its and Blog lists are THE way! It gives me a lot of positive energy and never makes me feel like “I did nothing today…”. So lists are going to be a part of my life from now till the time I can write/type.
To sum it up in few words – Awesome home made cooking, grocery shopping, sleeping, movie, Eat-outs, Beach, Bike ride and lot of camera clicks would define this weekend for me. Pictures would speak more – uploading only two clicked by yours truly! (I am planning on starting a  Flickr account so that I can upload more and share with you – will put up a link soon!)

~ Saturday Lunch – Veg pulav ~

Something I just have to mention is the beach that we went to – Blue sea, chappals, bermuda, tender coconut, sunglasses, lots of sunscreen and a camera – I couldn’t have asked for more. Known as the Goa of Kerala, Varkala is a beach town situated in Kollam district, known for….yeah, The Beach! When there, you will feel like you are in some beach in the US coz you can hardly find any Indians! Even the waiters at the restaurants are not Indians! Lot of bikini clad women, getting tanned and reading some book and lot of men in only Bermudas – showing off their chest and awesomely sexy back, playing beach volleyball! Yeah, me and the husband enjoyed a lot – for a moment we forgot we are married and ogled like two good old friends….I love such moments when I can be anything I want to be with him and vice-versa. :) 
When I was not “bird-watching”, I was found clicking away everything I could lie my eyes upon. Clicked around 300 in 3 hours time! :P The husband had to literally snatch it away from me so that I could actually enjoy the beautiful sunset and feel the cold water on my feet. 
I love to dig my foot in the sand and wait for the wave to come and wash it away. 
I love to just stand there, stare into the sea, as far as my eyes can take and wonder – wonder whats there, wonder if anyone from other side is doing the same, wonder if anyone is wondering the same as me. 
I love the sea at night, when you cannot see the white sand or the blue waves, all you can do is hear the waves and smell the sand – all you feel like doing is closing your eyes and say a small prayer to god for giving me such a beautiful day to live….

I would suggest everyone visiting Kerala to not miss this place and whoever is in Kerala and not yet seen the place, I suggest you to pack now!

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