In love….again!

I really can’t remember when it all started….when I shifted from being in front of a camera to behind it…to peep into the lens and see the world in a whole different light – every scene, picture perfect – every emotion, a true one!

But it was not until yesterday night, when I held the little thing, a little too heavy thing, in my hand that I realized, the feeling was nothing else but pure love – unadulterated, free flowing – I could feel myself glow in the happiness I felt then.
I am now a proud owner of Nikon D5100 – and with that I strike off the very first task on my 25 before 25 to-do list. (hope you got a chance to see the page!)
The feeling cannot be expressed – just cannot be expressed in words. I feel heavy and its not just because of the weight of the camera in my hands. It is not only the camera – it is the striking off from the list that makes it all the more worthwhile.
I couldn’t see a better a way to spend my life savings till now and it couldn’t have been possible without my husband’s support and constant encouragement. So I take this opportunity to give him a tight hug and thank him for always making my dream come true. 
Lots to learn, lots to click – click click and click away!
Why kiss when you can click?
I am now a Nikon girl. Me and my Nikon – forever. <3
Now and always,
I will be behind you everyday,
Know that you are going places,
Over the high mountains and into the blue sea,
Night and day, we will be clicking away!

15 thoughts on “In love….again!

  1. Wow. That's great.

    Now we can get to see your photographs, probably in a new page, right?

    Why kiss when you can click? Is it that way always? Both don't co-exist? #JustCurious. :P

    And yeah, Congratulations. :D

  2. Yay to you!!! Nikon is undoubtedly the best. I own a fujifilm SLR but it lacks the sharpness I am looking for. You must one proud owner eh girl? :)
    Click away ….capture all the memories possible.

  3. Meera :) this is like reading abut myself,this is like the day we plan to get the watch repaired, get new batteries for the remote and pick up a new doormat..but only the latter happens..dull unglorified life of mine..high drama and depression..

    And voila one cup of coffee, the baby nibbling at a sandwhich, just an hour together, not to worry about the broken dial or defunct is back !!

    Told you, its like a read a day in my life

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