Over a Cup of Coffee

I slept at around 1 on Friday night after me and hubby were back after a movie – Shutter(Malayalam) – Nice, different and made sense. 
Had big plans to go for a walk, but apparently I sleep talked something very funny in the morning when hubby tried to wake me up – he is still LOLing remembering it! He can’t wait to go home and tell the episode to everyone there so that all can have a good laugh. :P So, yeah, no walk happened and I got up with a bad mood at around 8.30. Tried doing some stuff – bad mood became worse and I hit the bed – frustrated. I got up sometime to have lunch, slept again and finally hubby got too bored and woke me up. My bad mood was still on but with great difficulty I got past through it and decided to shower.
We went out to do three things, out of which two did’nt happen. Mood out again. 10 pm and I was still feeling like throwing things around when the idea struck me – I whispered it into my hubby’s ears and he immediately agreed. Got dressed and off we went to Cafe Coffee Day. :D 

Yes, I was in love with life again and hubby was relieved to get me “back”. The Saturday was not yet over for us. Back home, we watched Pink Panther for the nth time and laughed our asses off!

Its almost 4 AM – Sunday and of course I have not slept yet. I just realised that this is my first night out ever and I want to jump and scream and tell my hubby – and when I turn around I see the most beautiful sight ever – Hareesh fast asleep,fully covered with blanket with only his head out and that peaceful look on his face. When I see him now, I feel like all my dreams have come true. :)

I think I will get some sleep now. Sunday, here I come!

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