Of things and Life…

I have had my thoughts overflowing…but no time to put it down here! Now when I have the time, I am blank. Always been like that. I get great thoughts which can be written on blog when I am walking on a street, cooking or sometimes bathing. But hardly anything when I click on New Post in blogger. :(

People are such mismatch and sometimes even life. How many times have you felt that you don’t belong to this life? And that you were supposed to be born somewhere else, doing something else? I bet atleast once in your life. Sure, when you are back to your senses, you realize how lucky you are to be where you are and what you are doing. I feel these imperfections are what make your life perfect. If you accept people and life with its imperfections, you would be happier than anyone else. 
People, I mean especially whom you live with. Like for me, its my husband. I have known him for a long time before marriage. But trust me, knowing a person and living with a person are two very different things. I am realizing how much of a mismatch we are – how different we are – in so many different ways. We fight for our differences – fight bad, get tired and after a few hours sleep we realize how these differences can do nothing to our relationship – we realize our bond is not breakable with these few differences – we accept each other. Peace. 
Next two weekends I am going to be home – just Home, for a change! Just the thought brings so much joy! I have lots of stuff planned to strike off from my to do list -eagerly waiting!
Kya kahein – I wiped my hard disk clean of music some while ago by mistake.:-o I never got around getting them all back. Now my playlist have hardly 50 songs. :/ 
There is a gateway,
you can choose,
either to tread along,
or to stay put.
I chose to explore,
I found experience,
and everything felt worthwhile.
So, there are hiccups, there is anxiety, there is happiness and there are cries, there is smooth flow and there are rough patches, there is hope, there is love and there are fights – there is Life. :)
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2 thoughts on “Of things and Life…

  1. Ditto. Happens with me all the time, like everytime. Just except cooking, which I don't do. Rest of the time, I just get the best-est and the most brilliant ideas/thoughts but when it comes to penning down on the Blogger New Post, I go blank.

    I can relate the first half but the second half not so much.

    50 Songs? Multiply it with 25, My playlist. :D

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