Cab journeys…

I hadn’t traveled in a cab on a daily basis for around 6 years. Last I traveled was in my school bus! :P
First I thought I will hate it. As the days went by, I started liking it – it was one hour to myself….my dreams…peace. Initially all faces were new, so there was a lot to talk about. Then it became lesser and lesser and looking out of the window became more and more…thats when I fell in love with the journey.
Everyday morning at 8, I leave my home, walk quick to my stop and wait there – while waiting, I check out my phone, I plug my mp3 player into my ears and put it on shuffle. I also see the same people, vehicles passing by everyday on their way to work. Then I see it – the cab coming from far. I eagerly wait to get into it hoping I get a window seat. If I don’t get a window seat, I sit close my eyes, listening to the soothing music and take deep breath – the morning fresh air floods into my lungs and I feel so rejuvenated!
If I get a window seat, there is a LOT to see outside. I am a house – crazy person. I like seeing the houses, their designs and think wow or how it could have been better. I see school children waiting for school bus and get nostalgic. I see husbands dropping their wives off to work. Then I see that huge house – AWESOMELY huge and I drool. Yeah, I do! I just feel fresh air blowing on my face and in no time, we are at office. No, its not a sad part – since the journey is so refreshing I feel good to be at office. I feel all positive and sms my hubby that I have reached.
I continue listening to songs, while I switch on my PC, open FB first thing and then office mail. :P Then personal mail and then blogger. :D We reach office early, so I get one hour every morning to do other stuff. Meanwhile, when people come and start talking to each other, I stop listening to music. I read news, blogs, check out ticket availabilities, plan weekend, etc – during this one hr time – my favorite hr in office. Come 9:30 and almost everyone is at office and work starts. Next when I look at my watch its 6 in the evening and time to leave. Cab journey back home – Repeat. :)
Yesterday the return journey was different though. Different coz it rained cats and dogs in my city yesterday evening. For sometime, I kept the window open and let the rain splash on my face. When the other cabbies started giving me looks – I closed the window, listening to the rain splattering on the glass and everything outside becoming a blur….I loved the dark blur, with blurred lights of different colors here and there – it took me to another world altogether. I hadn’t carried my umbrella, so I started dreaming – I will reach my stop and walk in the rain un-dittered – letting myself get wet. Oh so lovely!


My dreams didn’t come true as half way the rain stopped. :/ But no worries, there was a cool breeze and I loved it anyway. I reached home…

End of story.

PS : I love Adele – Have you listened to her songs? If not, I strongly recommend it. :)
More PS :  I finally made a To-Do list and now the only thing left is it TO DO it! :D
Last PS, I promise! – Quotes page updated!

Have a great weekend guys!


6 thoughts on “Cab journeys…

  1. Wow! This post reminded me of my days in Technopark and the cab rides :)I have to say I did almost the same things you mentioned on a daily basis while I was there :)

  2. Wow, This post itself is refreshening.
    I do the almost same things, but in a little bit crowded A/C Bus. :P

    PS : Yeah, I heard her songs.
    More PS : Wow, that's great. The first step is done. I have been thinking of writing one down, but guess what, I am too lazy than I thought. :/
    I hope you could strike one by one down of your list pretty soon.

    Take Care. :)

  3. Thanks. :D
    Yeah, tell me about Bangalore volvo buses…but they are really better than the normal bus ka crowd – especially during morning hours!! :-o

    PS: Just heard or heard and liked? :)
    More PS: Hold on to that hope please…I need it!

  4. Bangalore Vovlo buses are just nice. Though we can't get the fresh morning air ( Correction : *Not-so-fresh* ) but there is always cold A/C air showering from over the head. :P

    PS: I listen her songs and of course I like them. :)
    More PS: Holding on to that hope. :D

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