Kya Karoon

This is going to be just random scribblings, like a diary entry.

Today is Saturday – a holiday and I am at office. There is not much work. Basically the managers are shit scared of the client, so dragged us here. I thoughtΒ  – Why not? I can take a comp-of some Friday, hop into bus and head home. So here I am, with three other guys in the team all busy with “work”.

One of the great things about coming to office on an off day (minus managers) is that I can put some loud music with it. Yes, its like a party here now. :D Wish some more people were here.

On the other hand hubby is at home, wondering what to do. That’s the downfall, of course. But he is an expert in being busy 24 x 7, so I am not much worried about him.

So thats the situation now.

I am happy and content right now. I am able to put many things I planned for my life into action and slowly progressing towards the person I want to be someday. My FB status right now reads “Bliss.” :)

The title of the post is a song from “Wake Up Sid” –Β  I have been humming that for no apparent reason. Hence, the title. :P

Thats all I have got to say now. Hope you all are rocking your weekend. :)

6 thoughts on “Kya Karoon

  1. Kya kahoon. :P

    Well, you went to office at least. I haven't been to office in like two weeks, so I don't really keep record of what day it is, I mean whether it is a weekend or a working day. All look same to me. :P

    And You have a rocking weekend too.
    Take Care. :)

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