Hartal Pros and Cons

Two day Trade Union Strike. Well, great. But how it effects my life? Here goes..

Let me start from my school days. Strike was a dream come true those days. We were in West Bengal and there, strike means STRIKE. So we got a holiday. :D But both my parents had jobs where they won’t stop working until the building collapses. So I was left alone at home (with my little sister who too little then, so equal to almost nothing). Though I enjoyed those days, I can’t remember a thing I did back then. :|

College came and we had shifted again and I was in Mysore where strike means school will be closed, some autos and buses will run, some wont. So never really had much effect. My college – being a miser of holidays almost never gave us holidays except for may be once or twice in four years when they didn’t have a choice. So strike meant nothing back then.

Now, when I am working, I am in Kerala and here strike means BIG TIME STRIKE. But the day is well balanced with good and bad things. Bad thing is I have to leave for work at 7 AM and the good, best thing is I can reach back by 5 or 6 PM. So that means plenty of evening time. Thanks to the cinemas, no movies play during strike time so the husband can’t think of that. I get time to spend more time to do house chores (which, unlike most people,I love to do :P), experiment with cooking and chit-chat with him. The BEST part – I can sleep early and sleep more!! :D

So all in all, I don’t mind strikes once in a while, but I like non-strike days better. :)

Mostly I won’t be blogging again tomorrow, so thought to club this here.
I turn 23 tomorrow. All my plans to go for a ride late night and sip coffee in CCD have gone into the drains because of the strike, but somehow, shockingly, I am not pissed about it. I am usually a birthday crazy person but for this one, the feelings are quite cold. Yuck, don’t tell me I am growing old!! :|
On a serious note, I don’t wish for anything this birthday other than peace of mind. Yeah, seriously. :)

 If anyone is wondering what the above pic is all about, its Zen. Google :D

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Thanks people for your comments and follow. Have a great weekend!! :)


4 thoughts on “Hartal Pros and Cons

  1. Pretty Much the same story with me as well during Strikes.
    Only thing that I don't have to go to office, even now. :P

    Advance Happy Birthday.

    Hmm.. Peace of mind…Nice.
    Well, I just finished wrapping up the present… But you seemed to have already wished for something else. :P #JustKidding

    Anyways, Have a Nice Time.
    Have Fun. Take Care. :)

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