How small is Big :)

I have always believed that small things are actually the biggest ones – the most important ones and the most lovely ones too! My life has proved this to me…I just need to hear his laugh, or my sister’s warm hug or My dad buying Lays for me to get happy. In fact, super- excited. :D
Yes! I am a hopless romantic! I love life with all its glory and gloom. All I need to be peaceful are these small things once in a while.
When I am lazy one day morning and my hubby says that I dont have to cook lunch and we will eat out…
When I return late from work and see how clean he has made the kitchen…
How every time its the last day at home, the last meal my mom prepares is Roti-Bhindi..
How my mom gives me a look when what dad is talking makes no sense…:P
When dad appreciates my cooking and nowadays when I tell him I cooked something, he is awestruck that his little girl has grown up so much…. :)
When I hear my dad’s scooty sound in the evening…
When my sister hugged me tight when I was leaving home after marriage…
How my sister loves me so much even after all the tantrums I throw at HER…:P Call me elder sister *rolls eyes*
…and many more….
When I get a call or message from an old friend…
When an unexpected person wishes me on my birthday…
When I hear the cuckoo bird’s sound in the morning…
When the perfect sambar aroma floats in the house…
All these things might seem trivial for a common man, but trust me, these small things make up what we call as LIFE. 
Cherish it.
Revel in it.
Just like hot brownie and vanilla ice cream!
Until I get time again….yeah very very very busy nowadays. :/

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