My home gets Fishy!

From childhood, I have seen people having pets, loving and taking care of them. Frankly, I have always been confused. I love animals but I was not sure if I want to have pets. Do I or do I not? Well, all my dilemma (yeah, this is its correct spelling!) was cleared when yesterday evening I saw a hall full of aquariums in the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival.
We took a spontaneous decision of buying a fish bowl then and there! By the way, my husband always wanted to have pets. He is a great pet-lover, no doubt about that! So we bought a medium sized fish bowl with all the stuff needed, right from the filter to decorative items to fish food and medicine. Oh yeah, and the fish too! :D Two beautiful Calico fishes – our new sweetie pies! :*

All excited, we reached home and set up our aquarium and doesn’t it look gorgeous!! :)

On the way home, we were discussing what to name our new fishes – after lot of speculations, we landed up with two weird and extremely funny names – FIGO and EON. Yes! We are car-crazy people too and our next dilemma is which one of those to buy, hence the names! :D You can laugh, yeah, coz even we can’t stop laughing about it! :P
We are still excited about the pets and trying to woo them to like us, but trust me, they are in their own world, not at all minding us. :| Nevertheless, we love you fishies!
Ok hubby dearest, you have convinced me to get a pet Dog too! I would love a Pug but its so useless, lets go for Rottweiler :D

3 thoughts on “My home gets Fishy!

  1. We recently got four goldfishes for my sister's 5th birthday! But we haven't decided their names yet, so they just go by 'fishy'. :P
    Thanks for the follow!
    Following you too, now! :)

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