The making of Sambar :|

Sambar rant begins…
I don’t eat sambar. I drink sambar coz I love sambar. :D But………………………….I don’t know to prepare sambar. :( What a tragedy!!!
I have made sambar three times in my life and failed. Failed! Failed! Failed!
But the failure has given me inspiration to prepare it again and again until I reach perfection! One day I will prepare the perfect sambar and my husband will give me 9/10 (Nobody’s perfect, remember?). I want to prepare that sambar that will make me famous among friends and relatives, that sambar which people will drink, not eat…that sambar which will be called Meera’s Sambar and my hubby and kids won’t stop licking their fingers eating it. I am waiting for that day…..
Some of you might think whats the big deal with sambar, come to South India and you will know. Also read the first line of this post – I can guarantee I am not the only one doing it.
By the way, my husband gave me a 4 for today’s sambar and I am happy coz that means improvement! :) Okay, enough of Sambar rant.
The End.
Oops! Forgot the picture, here it is! And to know more about sambar, follow this link :

Slurppp! ;)


2 thoughts on “The making of Sambar :|

  1. I love sambar too & mine sucks big time! However the guy I married makes world's best sambhar and I don't even want to know the recipe :p
    Sometimes, ignorance is bliss :D
    All the best with perfecting your sambar :)

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