The Demons Inside Me

I believe we all have little angels and demons buried inside us which make us what we are. I have recognized two major demons inside me which are the only reasons for the little disturbances that I have in my otherwise superb life.

1. The root of everything that has NOT happened in my life – LAZINESS!! And it is spread across only one area of my life – taking care of myself! I find the most difficult task – more difficult that preparing 3 meals a day! It has led to many diseases, over eating and lot of negative thinking….I have been “starting over fresh” for years in my life but never got over this bad bad demon. I have to conquer it else I am not going anywhere!!

2. Ah…this is something we should all have but if its not the right amount – either this or that side – you are going to be doomed! Yes, I am talking about the queen of all the problems – EGO. This too I have little too much in some areas and little too less in others. Right now, I am worried about the areas where it is more coz its gonna effect the relationships with some people.

These are the kind of issues many people have so I am going to consider myself normal. May be I am even better than some of them coz I know where my problem lies and I know how to solve it – that is 50% of the job done! Instead of searching for a “muhurtham” to do the rest of the 50%, I should just DO IT!!

Signing off with a small prayer for myself.

PS: I love pictures, so you will find atleast one picture per post. :D And off-late I have started liking cats, hence this one. :)

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