Its a wonderful life

Life is full of wonder. You plan so much and yet things happen unplanned without any prior intimation. They just happen and guess what, most of the times they are exactly what you wanted. If you don’t feel so now, you are bound to feel at some other point that whatever happened was for the best.
Life has brought so many wonders into my life. Things I always wanted and never thought could have. Things , which turned out to be better than I expected and things which have made me the happiest me ever. :)
One such wonder are my parents. When I was a kid, I was hardly with my dad and mom was the strictest person I knew. When I was in college, mom became a friend, someone to whom I could confide anything and someone who shared her feelings with me. That’s when I realized how similar we are and it was not just with the looks! Those timse dad was trouble, always nosy and trying to interfere in everything. Then I decided to get married. Mom became my emotional back-up and dad my strength. Dad became the best human being I knew in the world. I realized my mom’s strictness and my dad’s nosy-ness is what made me what I am today and I must say they did a great job with me! :) When I left my home after marriage, I was left wondering that these are the people I once thought were my enemies (yes!!) and now how they have turned out to be. We are a perfect match. Me and my parents. How did that happen? I wonder.
Another wonder that happened to me was my profession. I studied electronics and got into a software company. I always wondered how I am gonna match up with people from computer background. When I started working, I realized, this is where I was meant to be! Without any planning, I landed up where I never wanted to be but where my skills could be put to right use. Everyday when I leave office, I am left wondering    what I thought about the same thing I am doing today couple of years ago. We are a perfect match. Me and my job.How did that happen? I wonder.
LOL. The latest wonder? Yeah, you guessed it right. The man in my life. I have been attracted to many men in my life. Come on, I have been attracted to the opposite sex since pre-KG. :P Anyway, there were times when I thought I was in love and when it didn’t work out, I thought my heart has broken and I am the most unluckiest person on earth.I guess from the time I came to know the meaning of marriage, I have been dreaming about it. But seriously, I never thought it would happen the way I dreamt.  Then I had a small chat with some guy on FB. One year later, I married him. The perfect wedding. We think opposite on most of the things and yet always remain crazy about each other. We fight all the time and yet we are curious to find out more about each other. Hold on, more about us will make a different post. ;) Every nigth when I kiss him goodnight, I wonder how we landed up here and how I thought I would never find my Mr. Right. We are perfect for each other. Me and Hareesh. How did that happen? I wonder.
Through the happiest days of my life, I am left wondering how it turned out to be so beautiful, so perfect, so like in the dreams. We are a perfect match. Me and my life. How did that happen? I wonder. :)

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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