My dear son -3

Dearest Aadi, Yes that is what we have decided to call you! You are almost two months now.  You recognize me. I am not sure if it is from my face my voice, the color of my dress or my smell but you know me. You love listening to songs and you even have a… Continue reading My dear son -3

My dear son -2

Dearest Adi, You are a month old now! Though I usually hear people say how fast the first month has gone by, it was different for me. It felt like forever. Today, after a month, I think you know when I pick you up from anybody else picking you up. I think you know you… Continue reading My dear son -2

My dear son – 1

My dear son, I have been pondering the whole day today as to what should be the very first thing I tell you in life. I finally have a few things clear in my mind, something I’m sure I shouldn’t miss out letting you know. As a child, there are two qualities you will have… Continue reading My dear son – 1

My life post pregnancy

My life had taken an irreversible turn on June 13 when my son was born. I wouldn’t know until he was around 2-3 weeks old if the turn was for the good or bad because those days were definitely not great for me.  I was put under tremendous stress, both physically and mentally. Though the… Continue reading My life post pregnancy

How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 4

I believe the last leg of my pregnancy started by the time I was 34 weeks. I had exactly one month to complete the term of my pregnancy. Nights were long but the days were filled with my favorite food to eat, books to read , old Malayalam movies to watch and chit chat with… Continue reading How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 4

How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 3

Once my 8th month started, I shifted to Mysore, where my parents live and we planned to have our delivery. I had sort of got my reading bug back and was on to my 5th book for the year already. I continued to go to movies as well. I became more and more sleep deprived… Continue reading How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 3

How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 2

By 6th month of my pregnancy, I couldn’t travel to and fro work anymore and stopped going to work. I worked from home with ease and found a lot of peaceful time. I spent some time with my parents and found something new about them, about which I already wrote here.   Once I was… Continue reading How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 2

How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 1

When I got pregnant in October last year, I wasn’t over the moon because it happened before I could tick off a few more things from my list like learning to swim, buy a cycle, etc but pretty soon this faded away and the only thought I had day and night was that this should… Continue reading How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 1


I met Kusumsiri outside Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo on a humid night. He had offered a free ride to our hotel since he was going to drive us around Sri Lanka for the next 3 days. We didn’t talk much and when we reached the hotel, he asked for our itinerary. He listened patiently and nodded.… Continue reading Kusumsiri

Two Things

It’s not even half of the year and I already have two of my grown-up life learnings to share. It is about the goals in my life. I thought it was to travel and cook great food. But whatever I do, there are two things I always want to achieve or hold on to –… Continue reading Two Things

Ten days at Home

I have stayed with my parents until the age of 21 and I moved out when I got my first job, that too only because it was in a different city. We have shifted numerous times in those 21 years but home has always been where my parents are and not a particular town or… Continue reading Ten days at Home

The Kind of Woman

It has been a while since I wrote here. When I went to Sri Lanka last October, I was itching to write about my experiences of each day spent there. I missed all of that once I was back though. I missed the customary anniversary post and the new year post. A lot has happened,… Continue reading The Kind of Woman

Why so serious?

I am going to turn 27 in a few months and it looks more than just plus one from 26. You can say it is almost 30. As I inch towards finishing the third decade of life, I can feel….ok my last post was already about growing up. I am writing about it again as… Continue reading Why so serious?

Being grown-up

Though this year end is 3 good months away, it somehow feels like a year end now. What can happen in 3 months anyway? Actually a lot or nothing. If the last couple of years were all about growing up, being responsible for your words and action, falling and getting up and learning, this year… Continue reading Being grown-up


If you ask me is Onam one of the things you remember from your childhood, my answer would be a straight No. Though from Kerala, I have never really stayed there as a resident until recently and in the parts of the country that I stayed in Onam was unheard of. However, mom used to… Continue reading Onam

(not) a LOT of things

As I sit here on my dining table, recovering from a second bout of fever this monsoon, I remember to blog. :) I got a job at a place I liked and have come to love now, a place so far, but worth it. I have been busy like hell, hardly writing, hardly reading, hardly… Continue reading (not) a LOT of things

Being without a Job

When I left my job in Feb, I was stressed and tired. And most importantly, unhappy with my job. I was sure I made the right decision, because I knew I was sailing in a sinking ship. I thought I’ll take a month’s break (I had to, with all the interior work going on in… Continue reading Being without a Job

Whether to walk or not

Sunday was my rest day. But I got up anyway and walked for 5-6 km around a lake early morning. I had two tender coconuts thereafter, merrily chatting away with the vendor, who politely invited me to visit him again the next time. I was back home all pumped up and had a wonderful day, which… Continue reading Whether to walk or not

Bangalore – my new home

I visited Bangalore for the first time when I was in primary school. My mother had some training there and we all decided to join her. I have no idea which area of Bangalore we stayed in and which all places we visited. I remember I used an elevator for the first time in my… Continue reading Bangalore – my new home